VC in Italy in 2020: trends


This week, the Venture Capital Monitor (VeM) published its yearly report on Venture Capital operations in Italy for 2020.

The study was carried out by the Venture Capital Monitor - VeM, born in 2008 from the collaboration between AIFI - Associazione Italiana Private Equity, Venture Capital e Private Debt and LIUC - Università Cattaneo.

💡 Which are the most significant insights for this year?

📊 The year 2020 closed with 234 operations (considering both initial investments and follow on ones), with a +58% growth from last year (148 in 2019). If we look only at new investments, these were 200 compared to 121 in 2019. Follow-on deals rise to 34 compared to 27 in 2019.

💰 As for the total amount invested, this amounted to €595 Mln, in line with the €597 Mln of the previous year. The amount invested in initial operations increased from 436 million euros in 2019 to 489 million euros in 2020. However, the amount invested in follow ons operations decreases from 161 million to 106 million euros.

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