Our Story

Bocconi Students Venture Club was founded in 2020 by the idea of a group of students. Our aim and mission is to bring the Venture Capital and startup ecosystem actors into Bocconi University. We want to enable students to feed their knowledge and bright their minds up. 

Innovation and Technology would be fundamental part of future and we want to get ready for this.

#StayTuned #BocconiVenture #BSVC


How we are structured

We are divided into three main teams, so to better pursue our goals and run our activities. Our aim is to unleash the hidden potential of Bocconi students through inspiring activities and guests.

Our scrums are:

  1. Team Communication

  2. Team Events

  3. Team Partnerships & Network

#StayTuned #BocconiVenture #BSVC



Partnerships & Network



Covering tools from social media to editorial, we want to increase the awareness of VC within the Bocconi community and beyond. 

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Audience and Lecturer


Now on Sale

We want to spread ideas, innovation and venture capital. We want to engage the Bocconi community and that is why we organize events.

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Our P&N division aims at generating and fostering new relations with the VC world. We strive for creating a unique ecosystem where students can leverage connections to get to know and eventually join the VC landscape.